Dear customer,

You can return or exchange your new device within 7 days from the date of purchase or from the date of receipt of the original/electronic purchase invoice and taking into account the following terms and conditions:

Exchange and return policy for home appliances

Exchange & return policy

Product condition

Postponement and replacement policy

The product is in the original factory packaging and has not been opened.

All devices are accepted for return or exchange within 7 days (except excluded products).

It is required to return the original cardboard box, instruction booklet, and all attached accessories. Regarding any exchange or refund process for invoices that include loyalty points, Alfursan miles programs, purchasing vouchers from the company, purchasing vouchers from strategic companies, coupon vouchers. Gift offers (for retail showrooms)

- Their value is deducted from the invoice

-They cannot be exchanged for a monetary value.

Open the product from the cardboard box and remove the original packaging of the product, and it has not been used once.

It is accepted to return or exchange devices that have been opened from the box without use within 7 days from the date of purchase after deducting the

following rates:

%15 opened from the fund without using.

%30 of the packaging is removed and used only once within 7 days from the date of purchase. Loyalty points, Alfursan miles programs, purchasing vouchers from strategic companies, coupons, as well as all other offers and gifts that the customer received are recovered.

Time period and methods for recovering payments:

  1. Amounts will be returned in the same way they were paid.
  1. The process of returning funds via credit cards takes from 7 to 14 working days depending on the customer’s bank.

Excluded products

We regret that products cannot be returned or exchanged permanently in the following cases only:-

  1. The product that has been used in the carton for more than 15 days.
  1. The product is then used for more than 7 days.
  1. The product was installed by an external contractor with the knowledge of the customer (unless there is a manufacturing defect).
  1. Products with malfunctions or defects resulting from misuse or storage (such as: breakage, scratching, incorrect use, etc.), and they are determined based on the maintenance team's inspection of the device.

Important general notes

  1. The customer bears a fee of 200 Saudi riyals for the delivery value when requesting to return products that were delivered through the home delivery service, unless the product has a manufacturing defect according to the technical report from the maintenance team.
  2. In the case that the attached gifts are used, we regret not returning the product. Exchange the product and its value will be calculated.
  1. Gifts while stocks last.
  1. The company has the right to introduce exchange and return policies without prior notice, and the innovations appear through QR or the website.
  1. Offers and prices for parts, screens, and window air conditioners do not include Fursan miles.
  1. Additional shipping fees will be added if the delivery area is more than 100 kilometers away from major cities.
  1. You can cancel orders for delivery and installation within 24 hours after issuing the invoice or requesting an exchange or return, while paying or refunding the difference to the customer.
  2. The delivery date may be within 5 to 7 working days, depending on availability, and the delivery and installation team will contact you to schedule an appointment with you, therefore, we ask you to inform the delivery and installation department of any other details that may hinder the work or safety of the delivery and installation team, and the delivery and installation team will by canceling the installation or delivery process to the site in the event of a safety obstruction, sending and installing the devices to technicians.
  1. The customer must ensure the condition of the device, inspect it, and review its contents at the time of receiving it. after receiving the device, the company will not be responsible for any deficiencies, breakages, or damage.
  2. The customer must prepare the site before installation, to avoid disruption to the process of connecting and installing the devices.
  1. We would also like the customer to review the operating manual attached to the device and be familiar with the operating process and specifications of the device to ensure obtaining the best results, in the case of any questions and inquiries, contact the seller, the showroom supervisor, or the technical support department 920022766.
  1. We would also like the customer to register the device information and purchase invoice to activate the electronic warranty through the company's website
  2. You can visit our website to obtain any additional information regarding home appliance sales, or contact the sales division for each branch, and you can purchase from the electronic taboo section via the website
  3. For after-sales services (reputation) and to facilitate booking appointments 24/7 through the application or website www.zagroog.corn.
  1. We are pleased to receive your comments and inquiries via Al-Majali phone 8001000717.