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Glem Gas Cooker 60X100, Full Safety, MF, Steel

SAR 7026

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Product #: HT167GI/FS/MF
Brand: Glem Gas
Category: Gas Ovens

Buy Glem Gas kitchen 60X100 now from Zagzoog for Home Appliances, With Free Express Delivery Service, 5 Burners, Glem Gas Kitchen Full Safety - Steel, Order Now!
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Standard features - Cast iron pan supports- Easy cooktop cleaning - Gas oven thermostat - Oven light - Oven side racks - Safe touch (double oven door glass) - Full glass oven inner door - Closed door- Tangential cooling fan- Oven cavity withTitanium enamel - Security valves for cooktop, oven and grill burners- Ignition by button for cooktop, oven and grill burners - Storage compartment - Voltage (220 - 240V) - Frequency (50 / 60Hz)- Dimension (cm) (H=85-90 , Without feet =76 , W=100 , D=60)

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