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Sister Companies

Furthermore there is the industrial and real estate tributary represented by New Image Building Company Ltd, that is specialized in the activities of the architectural contracting and decoration works, and Metals World For Steel Industries Company which is specialized in the field of building's materials and metallic works.
New Image Building Company Ltd
The Company established in 2000, its name was Alzagzoog contracting, then it was rearranged and restructured in 2003a.c under the name of New Image Building Company.

Main activities of the Company:
  • Architectural contracting and finishing works
  • Internal decoration and equipments connected with showrooms, offices and commercial centers.
  • Maintenance, renewal, and rehabilitation for the reuse of the real estates.
  • Investment and management of the real estates works.

To maintain the mentioned activities the Company possesses:
Technical Office:
A specialized technical office of setting out various designs and to follow up the procedure of obtaining the official and necessary licenses. It joins an excellent and experienced group of architectural, civil and decorative engineers.

Technical Workshops:
Consisted of a group of specialized workshops such as (Smithery Workshop-Aluminum Workshop-Carpentry Workshop-Workshop of Paints and Powder's paints- A workshop for the propaganda and advertisement to set out the internal and external advertising boards).

Contracting and Projects Department:
It comprises a distinguished group of engineers, assistants and execution teams of skillful technicians specialized in the management and execution of a variety of residential and commercial projects as well as execution of decoration, stands and shelves for showrooms and commercial offices specially in the field of the electronics and domestic appliances sales in cooperation with specialized group of workshops.


Metals World For Steel Industries Company
  • The factory established in 1999 and has been specialized in the field of building materials and metallic works.
  • It is located in Al-khomrah region –south of Jeddah- in an area of 8000 m2.

Products and Departments of the factory:
Department of Production of Typical Building’s Materials:
  • Plaster meshes production and meshes reinforce the brickwork for construction work of various types and dimensions {National – Egyptian…..etc}
  • Production of metallic sections requisites connected with the gypsiferous walls and ceilings.
  • Production of buildings’ necessities such as squares and trowels for plaster, steal sills and cables holders…….. etc.

Department of the Air-ducts Manufacturing requisites for Central Air-conditioning’s (Spiral ducts & Rectangular):
  • Production of spiral ducts and rectangular in various diameters and dimensions.
  • Production of all elbows, tees and connectors necessary for air-ducts.
  • Production of air-outlets, both supplying and returning, with sophisticated designs.

High-Tech- Manufacturing and Formation of Products Department
  • All cutting and drilling by modern plasma machines.
  • All metallic works sheets, iron, aluminum and stainless-steal such as puncturing with various shapes and measures or in-relief or dipping works by special pressure and evacuation machines (CNC).
  • Metallic works connected with tiling, stands, decoration works and assembling.

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