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Hisense Partnership with Zagzoog

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 Hisense International together with Zagzoog for Home Appliances Co. celebrated their five-year partnership; and their success and achievements attained over this short period of time.

 Hisense International is known as one of the leading global companies; which could change consumer’s notion of the Chinese products with its high quality products, latest distinctive features and technologies; whereas its products sold in over (130) countries all over the world.

 Mr. Mohammed  Zagzoog; Director General of  Zagzoog for Home Appliances Co. gave a speech in which he stated:

“Although it has been such a short period of time for partnership between Zagzoog for Home Appliances Co. and Hisense Electric Co. Ltd., it witnessed such rapid-attained achievements. All we have achieved is such unprecedented accomplishments in which each company has its own impression; whereas Zagzoog Co. shared with its expertise, image, standing and history, while Hisense International shared with its technologies, rapid development and high quality products. Therefore, they both could impose themselves on an active market under the patronage of a stable country and under a wise administration leadership. Thus; today, we can feel proud of such product and company which could defeat best leading international companies and could impose itself not only in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but all over the whole world; and all international quality and excellence awards it obtained are nothing but an evident of such success”.

Mr. Henry Liu; Deputy Chairman of  Hisense International gave a speech in which he stated: “Hisense International has most pleasure to collaborate with Zagzoog Co. since 2007; and having five years of collaboration with such strong sales network inside the local Saudi market and with an integral service system passed, Zagzoog for Home Appliances could satisfactorily build a standing name for Hisense International as the first Chinese trademark to enter the Saudi local market. Thus, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became the most remarkable base for Hisense trademark in the Middle East and Africa region. In the near future, Zagzoog for Home Appliances Co. together with Hisense International shall cooperate in a common attempt in order to increase their marketing share in the Saudi local market and to provide best services all over the Kingdom; making out of  Hisense trademark such famous standing trademark”.

Worth mentioning that privileged special customers of Hisense products all over the kingdom regions were all rewarded. Hisense also introduced its latest products with fantastic view, design and technology features.

At Center  Mr. Mohammed Zaqzouq and Mr.  Henry Liu

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