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Zagzoog  Household Appliances Company in collaboration with Glem Gas Company distinct distributors at the kingdom level under the slogan "53 years of experience and distinction". Mr. Marco Georozoni, the marketing Manager in Glem Gas said that in 1990, our relation witnessed greater solidarity upon the incorporation of Zagzoog  Household Appliances Company and great trust in Glem Gas Company, our continuous sincere cooperation  and giving Glem Gas product the due attention at all marketing and technical levels so that it maintains its leading status in the Saudi market. Mr. Mohamed Zagzoog , Chairman of Zagzoog  Group, said "Throughout this period, Glem Company and Zagzoog  Company seek to develop this product to suit the Saudi market requirements and meet customer's need. Thanks to God, they become one of the leading, distinct and high quality products characterized by their attractive designs and technical and technological specifications. Customers were honored and presents were distributed to them. Moreover, the first top positions were as follows: 

First rank prize

Aidarous Electrical Appliances Company

Second rank prize

Hamad El Manie Company

Third rank prize

Yahia Hassan Thabet  Establishment

Fourth rank prize

Nasim Al Andalus Establishment

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